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Puns galore as Warne hits the news bicycle

Remember the good ol’ days of Australian cricket – before we lost to New Zealand – when Australia could rely on Shane Warne to take wickets as well as headache tablets?

What made those days memorable was the banners he inspired at games, which inevitably punned on his name or others in the team, ie:

Even books about Warne get in on the pun times

You’ve been WARNEd – Australia has declared WAUGH, we have a REIFFEL we’re PONTING at you…etc, etc

Or those that simply asked: Who ate all the pies?

Well good news for fans who miss those days because Shane Warne is back in the news, and sub-editors are having an oval-shaped field day.

The issue at hand is an ‘altercation’ – or an ‘acceleration into’ depending on who you believe – with Melbourne bicycle rider Mathew Hollingsworth on January 17.

@Warne888 immediately took to Twitter to vent about bicycles taking up road space and the manners of their riders. The incident giving him something else to talk about than Liz Hurley, budgie smugglers and his golf game.

Quicker than a Chappelli fixie, the rant triggered a bike chain of events that had headline-writers worldwide racing to combine cricket + cycling + description of what was actually happening.

The best/worst Warne vs cyclist puns

– After the event, The Age had: Warne, cyclist left in a spin

– Meanwhile, Fairfax stablemate the Sydney Morning Herald ran an opinion by ex-pro cyclist Bridie O’Donnell: Warne’s cycling spin falls short of his social responsibility‎ (O’Donnell expands on how this incident affected the wider cycling community in her blog.)

– The Northern Territory News also ran an opinion piece: Warnie puts bad spin on cycling

– Warne then demanded that cyclists have registration plates, prompting the SMH to run with: Warne’s bicycle rego demand belted for six

– And once the cyclist revealed his intention to sue, the SMH backed up with: Warne’s Twitter outburst drove cyclist to sue, laywer reveals (We’ll accept ‘drove’ here as being intentional.)

– For its part the 3AW blog went with Cyclist sues Shane Warne over run-in.

-  did seemed overly subdued with this headline: “Cyclist wants Shane Warne to pay to avoid court after road-rage incident”. So we looked in the URL and were satisfied.

– Local news was also getting in on the act, the Peninsula Weekly trying:Campaigner gets on his bike for safer cycling

– And in case like the rest of us you’re wondering what’s going on in Lad Magazine Land, Zoo was also following a Warne story; albeit one of its own making entirely unrelated to the incident.

What are your suggestions for Warnie versus cyclist puns? Or do you find the whole incident just tiresome

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