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Introducing the fixie music video

Search for “fixie” on Youtube or Vimeo and you’ll stumble across thousands of clips extolling the pure virtues of a riding a fixed-gear or single-speed bicycle.

Typically these feature regular dudes sharing their joy in the ride – such as this Chappelli vid from last year (thanks again Lewis Farrar and Joy Collective) – or showing off some neat fixie tricks (Hello Macaframa!).

At the upper end, they becomes “films”, as characterised by their higher production values, link to a specialised bike company or brand, and voice-over commentary, such as this one of the Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race – strangely reminiscent of the ads Trevor Hendy used to do for organic Vita-Brits in the early 1990s!

A new genre is born
Well, as of this week, it appears there’s a new genre of video in town – ‘The fixie music video’.

Word of the Motherf*cking Bike song, by Sons of Science, has quickly spread, with the Huffington Post getting in on the ride with this report.

Check it out!

With close to 500,000 views already, it’s well on its way to establishing itself as a rival to this viral video by the Grand Spectacular from 2010 (8 million views and counting).

Meanwhile on the local Australian scene, self-professed Bondi hipsters “Dom and Adrian” also make a nod to fixie culture in this music video, which, they say “is all about trying to be healthy and maintaining a balanced social life in the big city”.

But wait, there’s more!

If joking around on a two-wheel fixed-gear isn’t enough, another video – seemingly from either Scotland or the Dark Star – proves that one-wheeled fixies, aka unicycles, can be just as useful when it comes to making a viral fixie music video.

Do you have any favourite fixie music videos to share?

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