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What does the fixie say? Listen to our Spotify mixie tape

*+-Thanks to Ylvis, 390 million people now know what a fox sounds like. But while everyone else was thinking about foxes, we’ve been thinking about fixies – and more specifically, what sounds would you like to ride fixies to in 2014? We’d be lying if we told you we’ve painstakingly scoured all the Indie record bins of JB More >

An Italian view on riding, cycle safety and Cadel Evans

*+-Milanese pro-cycling journalist Alberto Celani answers why his countrymen and women love cycling and Cadel Evans, and offers a word of caution about cycle safety Why do the Milanese love cycling? Because in Milan fuel costs 2 euros/litre and 1 litre of good wine can cost the same. Because cycling helped Milan get rid of More >

A backflip on a vintage women’s bike?

*+-The spirit of re-invention seems alive and well in 2012 if some recent videos circling the interwebs are anything to go by. It started two weeks ago, when Fair Wheel Bikes posted a video of a carbon fibre racer – being used as a trials bike. It proved more than capable of the stunts demanded More >

The great Victoria bike rego debate

*+-When Shane Warne threw it out on Twitter the other week that bicycles should be registered, the question quickly gathered the unstoppable momentum of a Chappelli fixie down Bondi road. While Warnie wasn’t necessarily able to flesh out the reasons why his demand made good sense – at least, not in 140 characters – Fairfax’s More >

Puns galore as Warne hits the news bicycle

*+-Remember the good ol’ days of Australian cricket – before we lost to New Zealand – when Australia could rely on Shane Warne to take wickets as well as headache tablets? What made those days memorable was the banners he inspired at games, which inevitably punned on his name or others in the team, ie: More >

Fixie bike index – what would be Australia’s hipster capital?

*+-A recent post in the Priceonomics blog has caused a stir for what it reveals about where hipsters are hanging in the USA. Taking fixie bike ownership as a being a “strong indicator of hipsterness”, Rohin Dhar scrolled through 1.3 million bike ownership listings to calculate which counties and cities in the USA had the More >

Guest blog: The ups and downs of riding in Melbourne

*+-This week, we asked Melbourne writer/rider Doug Hendrie about the ups and downs of riding in flat Melbourne. I’ve been zipping about Melbourne on a cheap hybrid for eight years now, and I’ve virtually given up on public transport or short car trips as a result. Melbourne is a flat city – perfect for riding, More >

A very Chappelli Christmas

*+-Unless we’re mistaken, Christmas is essentially a time to wrap up heartfelt boxes and write yourself off… As an online bicycle retailer, we’ve effectively been wrapping up Chappelli-hearted packages all year; so we’ll settle instead with just writing down some highlights of 2011. Chief among these was the expansion of our classic range of fixies More >

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